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6 Beliefs that Make Selling Easy

By on August 14, 2014

Selling is something that can leave some people feeling slightly uncomfortable.  This is especially true for new coaches/hypnotists who feel they don’t have enough experience to warrant a fee; as well as women who feel the need to save the world for free.  When I first started my practice I suffered from both beliefs. Of course that quickly changed when the rent bill for my office arrived.

Let’s talk openly for a moment.  In order to do what we love professionally we need money (of course unless you are independently wealthy).  In order to manifest it, limiting beliefs need to be let go.

Here is how I overcame my less than successful businesswoman mindset mentioned above.

1. Hypnosis is an art form.  We are always training and developing our skill sets.  If you wait until you “have enough skills” you will never afford the office or make a profit.  If you have met the training qualifications of your certifying organization and are able to call yourself a hypnotist or coach it is time to get out there and start working.  The best training you will ever receive is from paying clients.

2. People generally do not value free services.  Your fee is an added leverage for the client’s change.  Think of it this way- you have 2 smoking clients.  The first client spends $5,000 a year on cigarettes and you give them their stop smoking session for free.  Client number 2 spends the same each year but you charge them $500- $1000 (depending on your market).  Who has the bigger incentive to change?  The first client, who if they keep smoking they didn’t lose any money in trying to quit or the client who has taken a portion of what they spend on cigarettes and put it toward the change?

3. Like it or not you are a business person.  If you want to keep working with clients, helping them to change their lives you need a budget to reach those clients (advertising).  You also need a space to see them in and we do NOT recommend your apartment or house.  You will need to spend money to attract clients so money coming in helps.

4.  As my first teacher (Igor Ledochowski) once told me, “if you want to save the world and give away free sessions- GREAT!…just as long as you have money to eat and live.  What good is a malnourished hypnotist?

5. Money is a means to an end.  It is neither good nor bad.  It just is.  The meaning of money is what we place on it.  When you have a successful, thriving, lucrative business, what will that do for you?  What is important to you about that?  For me it is freedom while knowing I’m following my passion and helping people.  So money= freedom and way to follow my passion.  What does it mean for you?

6.  The last area I will touch on today is the idea of the upwell- selling more sessions or programs to clients.  If the client is in your office for the whole session they are interested in you and your services.  Change happens in an instant and sometimes finding all the points that need change may take more than one session.  Work for the big change in one session and be comfortable offering more.  If the change happens in one session then there may be other areas that the client would like to change in their life and it is our job to offer them the sessions to do it.  After all they may not know they can use hypnosis for something beyond smoking or weight loss. Don’t be selfish, share the opportunities.

Learning your business will expand your mind, knowledge, and skill sets.  Create a business congruent with you and fully step into the role of businessperson.  Charging appropriate fees help to stabilize you financially.  It creates leverage for your client’s change.  In fact by charging them you are teaching them to value themselves and you as their hypnotist.  Money gives you the space and time to “save the world”.  It is a means to achieving your goals.

You can feel confident setting your fee and charging clients.  Each payment is a recognition of the change they have experienced and your skill set.  It is a blessing that allows you to keep working with clients.


Jess Marion- (H)NLP Trainer, Hypnosis Trainer, Director of Philadelphia Hypnosis

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