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Grief, Neurons, and God

By on August 17, 2014

Nearly a week ago the entertainment world was stunned by the tragic news of the death of award winning actor and comedian, Robin Williams.  This event has rightfully put a spot light on depression as a serious issue affecting millions of people globally.

Since this has been covered numerous times by nearly every online news source, we wanted to focus on the other side of this tragedy, grief.  It is not all that uncommon for clients to seek help from hypnotists and coaches to resolve grief.

Just as all emotions have their place, grief serves an important function.  Our brains create neural networks associated with the people in our lives.  When a person dies the brain must rewire itself.  That network can no longer exist as it did in the past.  This rewiring contributes to the pain felt when we grieve and it is appropriate unless a client gets stuck in the process (then they come to us).

Helping these clients can be easy when we tap into our cultural knowledge around death, remembering the loved one’s good qualities and tapping into something bigger.  The reminiscing is an opportunity for the brain to integrate the loss particularly through recalling the stories in the past tense.

The other side of this about calling on something bigger than the person.  One of the biggest and easiest resources for those grieving is spirituality.  Spirituality for most people globally is star that guides them through life.  In terms of logical levels this is an identity level resource.  Spiritual beliefs will also be a strongly reinforced resourceful neural network.

Spirituality creates a network large enough for the brain to rewire itself effectively so the client can move through the grieving/ rewiring process in an appropriate time frame for them so that they can get back to living their life.

There may be other reframes you will integrate into your coaching session depending on the situation.  Appealing to the client’s identity level values and beliefs will go a long way to help them move through the grief process.



Robin Williams’ family ‘arrive for private memorial service planned by his widow Susan Schneider’

The late actor’s widow Susan Schneider is said to be planning the service where his loved ones will say their goodbyes to the beloved actor and comedian. Williams was found dead in his home on Monday at the age of 63 and is survived by his three children and third wife Susan. ‘This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one if its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. Robin Williams’ family ‘arrive for private memorial service planned by his widow Susan Schneider’

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