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Hypnosis for healing

By on October 12, 2014
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Before we start, let’s just make it clear that when dealing with any sort of medical issue, lay practitioners must get a referral from the hypnosis client’s doctor or other medical professional and follow any other rules applicable in your jurisdiction.

If you are helping your hypnosis client to get over an illness or injury, or perhaps preparing a client for surgery, you will want an effective hypnotic process for doing so. So we are delighted to be able to point you toward this post from the amazing NLP Master Steve Andreas on using NLP for healing.

In a nutshell the process is as follows:

  1. Identify something that your hypnosis client knows is true for them, perhaps they know they are a good piano player. When internal picture do they make of this ‘truth’?
  2. Find the sub modalities of this internal picture, in particular where the picture is located within their internal visual field. We will call these the ‘sub modalities of truth’.
  3. Find a number of examples where your client was able to heal naturally. Perhaps they healed from a broken limb, a cold, a cut and so on. Create a mix of these pictures, either as a sequential ‘slideshow’, or a ‘collage’.
  4. Put this collage of healing pictures in the same place and with the ‘sub modalities of truth’.

We would add a final step which is to attach this collage of healing to thoughts of the illness or injury your client has. Ask your client to imagine pictures representing the injury or illness. These might be things like:

  • Their doctor’s face
  • Their medication
  • The hospital where they will have the operation

Take each of these scenes in turn and ‘swish‘ that with the collage of healing.

Here is Steve’s article:

Our image of the onset of the injury or illness is usually very vivid, while our image of healing is typically faint or non-existent. We may have gotten sick and well again countless times, yet think only of the getting sick, while ignoring the getting well. People often say something like, Im always getting sick, but I have never heard anyone say, Im always getting well, even though almost every getting sick is followed by getting well. This creates an implicit bias in our memory and thinking that is certainly not pleasant, and probably not useful in supporting healing. How to Mobilize and Support Natural HealingbySteve Andreas NLP Blog

Picture courtesy of Stuart Miles and

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