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The good pupil

By on October 13, 2014
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We always tell our students that they can pick up amazing amounts of information from ‘reading’ the person in front of them. As human beings, we all leak information in amazing ways. For example, the size of the pupils of your eyes reveals your state of mind.

One aspect that we teach our students to look for is a ‘transderivational search’, where a client dips into trance to access information to answer a question we have just asked them. Often a transderivational search takes the form of ‘wandering eyes’, where the client scans the space around them, often up into the ‘visual field’ of eye accessing.

But such a search may also take the form of a stillness where the client ‘zones out’ and perhaps ‘stares into the distance’. As they do so, the size of their pupils will change. And research suggests that the more neural hardware they are bringing online to find the answer, the wider the pupils of their eyes will expand (see the cite below).

Of course, it is difficult for us to see the size of the pupils of the eyes of the person we are talking to. But actually, this is only true on a conscious level. Unconsciously, we do indeed notice changes in pupil size, and it is a strong attractor in courtship.

So trust your unconscious mind to track important indicators of your hypnosis client’s unconscious messages.

Pupil size in relation to mental activity

Picture courtesy of sippakom and

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