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Hypnosis and the Manchurian Candidate?

By on November 2, 2014

In today’s post we are veering away from our usual theme of therapeutic healing hypnosis, into the world of the Manchurian Candidate. Who said hypnosis and murder don’t mix?

The theory is that Sirhan Sirhan the assassin of Robert F Kennedy was a Manchurian Candidate assassin, programmed by the CIA to assassinate Kennedy (a theory anti-climatically debunked by writer Mel Aytonin the article below).

Under the Manchurian Candidate hypothesis, Sirhan (and possibly Lee Harvey Oswald before him) is hypnotized into an unstoppable killing machine by forces unknown for purposes unknown. He was led by a girl in a polka dot dress to the pantry where the assassination was to take place. As Kennedy entered she touched Sirhan on the shoulder, triggered a hypnotic trance in which he finds himself on a firing range shooting at targets…

Is this possible?

This question was the subject of a Discovery Channel investigation in the TV show ‘Brainwashed’. In this show hypnotist Tom Silver takes a group of 185 people and tests for hypnotic susceptibility (and possibly a deep desire to appear on television) and winnows them down to one ideal ‘Manchurian Candidate’. Deeply hypnotized to carry out an assassination, our stooge is only prevent committing Murder by the fact that he has a gun loaded with blanks. History does not record whether or not the Manchurian Candidate was later able to successfully carry out his mission.

While this sort of totally unethical behavior is to be condemned, it does make for fascinating dinner party conversation. Here is Mr Aytonin’s article is below:

a number of conspiracy advocates alleged Sirhan was a Manchurian Candidate-type assassin – an unwitting tool of faceless conspirators in the CIA and the military-industrial complex. See more…

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