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Why I love the ocean

By on November 9, 2014
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Why do we love being by the ocean? Or by a lake? Or even a pond? The CafeHypno Editorial Team love to write blog posts while sitting by the Conservancy Pond in New York’s Central Park. Sitting by the water, particularly the ocean with it’s soft sounds of surf can be relaxing and that relaxation can take us into trance.

This question is of interest to hypnotists because we often use visualizations involving the ocean or other water features to relax our clients and set the stage for the change work to come.

In a new book author Dr Wallace Nichols argues that we love water because it leads us into trance, not the other way round. He argues that the simple blue color, the ‘white noise’ sounds of ocean or stream, and the lack of extraneous sensory input (this assumes you are not on a busy beach with load children) allows the mind to shift into a meditative trance state.

Application to hypnosis

If Dr Nichols is correct then we can use this information to super-boost our trance inductions by focusing our hypnosis client’s mind on those aspects of the water scene that are most likely to lead them into trance, the repetitive soft sounds of the water, the blue color, the warm breeze perhaps, and omit other external cues such as the calling seabirds, diving dolphins, and falling coconuts!

Read about Dr Nichols book here.

Since ancient times, humans have assigned healing and transformational properties to water. In ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicinal wisdom, and traditional Chinese medicine, the water element is crucial to balancing the body and creating physical harmony. Rivers have long been seen as sacred places, and in a number of different spiritual contexts, water has symbolized rebirth, spiritual cleansing and salvation. Read more…

Picture courtesy of Prozac1 and

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