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Important Deep Trance Identification Principle

By on January 22, 2015
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Deep Trance Identification, the process of using deep hypnosis to ‘become’ another person in order to take on their skills and abilities, beliefs and values, is close to our hearts. In fact, we are so fascinated by DTI that we wrote a book on it!

There are several important principles in choosing a model that will be suitable for a successful DTI. One of these principles is that the skills of the model should be skills that you believe you can reasonably use. There are two parts to this:

First, is the skill relevant to what you want to achieve? The way you would test this if you were doing a DTI is by selecting specific context within your own life in which you could use the skills of the model. You would then use trance to ‘future pace’ using these skills in that context. Many of our DTI clients ask to do a DTI with a certain model because they believe that model is ‘cool’, but without considering when or where they could actually use the skills of the model. this is really the wrong way around, instead you should consider where and when you want to change your own life, and how you would want to be as a person in that context, and from that select an appropriate model.

The second important piece is to choose a model whose skills seem to be attainable for you. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you would be able to perform at the level of the model, but that you could use those skills in your own way. So for example if you want to model Michael Jordan for free-throwing, the question is not whether you could play in the NBA, but is it attainable for you to use Michael Jordan’s discipline and focus to be a successful free-throw shooter.

If you do not have a context within your own life that you can use the model’s skills, or if you feel the model’s skills are just not attainable on some level for you, then choose a different model!

This is backed up by scientific research, such as that listed below.

Superstars and me: Predicting the impact of role models on the self.

Picture courtesy of gubgib and

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