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Good news and bad news for smokers

By on February 26, 2015

We are always on the look out for research on the effects of smoking to help our hypnosis clients to understand the risks they are taking.

This fascinating new large scale study from Australia shows the usual broad implications SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU! But it also has some eye opening and easily digestible statistics:

In the study, two thirds of deaths in the smokers group were attributable to smoking!

Those smokers who QUIT before age 45 had no greater risk than those who had never smoked. QUITTING is awesome!

Smokers died ten years earlier than non-smokers on the average. That’s equivalent to 1 day lost in every 8 lived. That’s almost one day a week cut from a smoker’s life!!!

The complete study can be found below:

The two stand-out results are that up to two-thirds of the deaths in current smokers were due to smoking (the bad news) and that death rates in former smokers who had quit before turning 45 were not different from those in the study who had never smoked (the very welcome news).

As other studies have reported, the smokers in this study died, on average, ten years earlier than the never smokers. new Australian data to die (or live) for

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