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What can Candy Crush teach us about change work

By on June 29, 2014


What can Candy Crush, the addictive game for smart phones, teach us about change work? Oddly enough, a lot. Candy Crush is designed to keep you playing using several neuro-strategies that we can use to keep our clients changing. These include:

  • Giving the client small ‘wins’ to build the belief they can change easily, and rewarding them for each using praise.
  • Making the next win a little more challenging to keep them from getting bored with the process.
  • Always offering them another challenge to work toward.

To learn more about the neuroscience of Candy Crush read the following fascinating article courtesy of the Guardian newspaper. week, Candy Crush Saga, the mind-numbingly simple yet addictive game that involves matching coloured sweets, was estimated to be worth $7.1bn. Candy Crush is played by 93 million people every day, and it accrues an estimated $800,000 daily through players purchasing new lives and boosters that help them to conquer new levels. All told, half a billion people have downloaded the free app, and King Digital Entertainment, the company behind the phenomenon, reportedly netted $568m last year alone. Via

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