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Letting go of relationships with MFI

By on July 11, 2014

MFI, or Memory Focused Interventions, include NLP and Hypnosis techniques that alter memories, such as Reimprinting and Change Personal History. A lesser known technique known as ‘memory shaping’ leaves the memory intact but changes the focus.

One such technique is highly successful for letting go of old relationships. Clients very often associate into the good times in such relationships, seeing their old partner smiling at them for example, while dissociating from negative memories (seeing arguments from a distance). By reversing these ‘submodalities’, putting good memories in a ‘relationship album’ while fully associating into arguments, the client may find it easier to let the relationship go.

For a complete description of MFI, see the following paper…

Through memory shaping, the hypnotist does not intervene with the elements ofthe subject’s memory, but rather suggests that the patient changes his/her focus while accessing his/her remembered past.

Memory shaping strategy is one of the tactics used naturally by people coping withunwanted separation from a spouse. Some of them emphasize the bad memories and blur thegood memories, thus making the separation less painful (Cox & Barnier, 2003) . Via


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