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Words, Power, and Working Memory

By on July 23, 2014

Working memory, the user interface in your brain, impacts how you feel, think, act, and how your body responds to the outside world.  It is the part of you that knows how to categorize information and construct an appropriate response. In the case of Kristen Rivas, hypnotist and friend of Cafe Hypno authors, experienced just this when she tragically lost her sister 6 years ago.  Both were in a terrible car accident.  Kristen survived but her sister did not.  Shortly after Kristen began to experience seizures on a regular occurrence.

In the video below she shares her journey of healing and how hypnosis saved her life.  The hypnotist in her story teaches an important lesson about working memory.  Working memory is comprised of 3 elements- a visio-spatial sketch pad (movie), a sound track, and a title.  Kristen’s brain was looping a movie outside of her conscious awareness.  It then filled in the sounds and created beliefs about that movie.  Part of her brain was reliving the accident over and over again.  This of course caused a physical response.  The good news is that memory and beliefs are flexible.  When you change one part of working memory the other parts begin to change as well.  For example when you change the title of a movie, known as reframing in the NLP world, the movie may also change in terms of emotional content and sub modalities.

When we become aware of how our own working memory is functioning we can begin to take control of our emotions and beliefs.  The first step is to recognize you and your clients are not the thoughts you or they experience.  Events from the past only exist in the mind which means they can be easily changed.

Kristien changed her life by using her working memory in a way that allowed her to process and let go of old emotions and create a brighter future.  She has since gone on to use hypnosis to transform other people’s lives.  Your words as a hypnotist have the power to shape your client’s memories and thoughts.  When you teach them to be in the present and not wrapped up in their own inner movies, change becomes easy.

Watch the video below and follow Kristen on her journey as words reshape memories and lives. two sentences that changed her life, Kristin Rivas, a hypnotherapist, recounts her journey from crippling mental illness following the death of her sister to healing and liberation, all through the life-changing power of words. Kristin Rivas is a Certified Hypnotherapist practicing in Seattle. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. The life-changing power of words: Kristin Rivas at TEDxRainier

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