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How to negotiate like a woman

By on July 24, 2014

Many women hypnotists and coaches can feel insecure about asking for money, or indeed even taking money when the fee has been agreed. Asking to be paid for their valuable work is often the most difficult part of their role as a hypnotist! In fact, research shows that even women executives in business are less likely to be ‘confrontational’ and negotiate for fair pay, than their male counterparts. As a result women may end up with lower pay. It seems that a women just can’t negotiate like  a man!

Fortunately there is a solution. Negotiate like a woman! How does a woman negotiate? It’s easy, women are collaborative, not confrontational, so negotiate collaboratively.

Collaborative negotiation involves a fundamental shift in how a negotiation is viewed, from a  win-lose confrontation, to a joint solution to a problem. Consider this, your client has a problem, otherwise they would not have come to see you. And you have a solution, otherwise you would not have agreed to take them as a client. You and the client need to work together to bring problem and solution together, money is a secondary although important issue.

A great pre frame for a collaborative negotiation (and incidentally one that can maximize your business revenue), is to say, “My rack rate is $150 per session [or whatever your maximum rate is]. I do offer discounts for anyone who can’t afford that on a  sliding scale, do you need a discount?”

Even though you have essentially offered a no-questions-asked discount, as long as your rack rate is not to high, most people will agree to the full rate. The writer has even had people who clearly were in financial difficulties agree to the full rate and had to be persuaded to take a discount!

By the way, ‘rack rate’ is a term in the hotel industry meaning the rate a hotel asks for a room without any discount – the writer finds it is a useful term because it doesn’t carry any baggage that terms like ‘usual rate’ can carry, after all what is usual and what is unusual?

Focusing on the collaborative search for a solution takes the pressure off asking for money. Not sonly that but you will find it changes your own view, after all if you ask for $150 and the prospective client offers you $50 you may find yourself realizing just how much you are really worth!

For more on negotiation for women read the following excellent article by Audrey Nelson PhD

Are you nervous about negotiating? You’re not alone. Many women express apprehension and extreme discomfort at the thought of having to negotiate. Some women never negotiate. Women tend to choose to negotiate less than men. Even when they are aware of the potential benefits (like a bigger salary), they often decide not to negotiate. Anxiety takes over. Via

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