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Five Great Ideas for getting Busine$$ from your Busine$$ Cards

By on July 28, 2014

Great! You’ve just completed your hypnosis certification and are opening up your business. Perhaps your first step is to get some business cards printed. Business cards are really cheap and easy to create these days. For example Vista Print offers 500 cards for under $10 at the time of writing

Some beginning hypnotists think that once they have some business cards, and maybe a website, business will come flooding in… Good luck with that! For those who want to be a little more proactive here are some ideas for turning your business cards into BUSINE$$!

First Great Idea:

Create a card you can give to anyone, including friends, family, PTA buddies, ex-colleagues, anyone you meet who you want to keep in contact with. Perhaps:

Joan Smith



It will start a conversation, and could well lead to direct business or a referral!

Second Great Idea:

Walk around your neighborhood and leave or offer cards to your neighbors, whether homes or businesses.

Maybe include a special discount or other deal. You can turbo-charge this idea by creating a post-card sized business card with the deal details on it. Make sure it’s special just for them! You can also approach businesses in your area who deliver (fast food restaurants and so on). Offer them money (or free sessions!) if they will include your card with their deliveries. Weight loss hypnosis is perfect for this!

Third Great Idea:

Leave your business card where it will be found by those in your target market. Leave it as a bookmark in library books they will read (self-help for example), or in the local second hand bookstore.

Fourth Great Idea:

Create a special ‘family and friends’ card (“50% off your first session!”) and give a few to your current clients, particularly the ones who have just stopped smoking (I just QUIT thanks to Joan Smith – and you can t0o! 50% off your first session!)! Ask them to hand them to family and friend who might benefit from your services.

Fifth Great Idea:

Create a business card that people will want to keep, or to share. For example put your contact details on one side of the card, and three stress busting tips, or the EFT tapping points, on the other (if you teach EFT to your clients).

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