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How to say thank you

By on August 1, 2014

I remember as a young child going to a friends birthday party and my mother leaving me at the door with the words “have a lovely time and remember to say ‘thank-you”. These words, probably leaned by every young child, are amazingly powerful and yet can be relegated to the category of “conditioned response” for many of us. The “thank you” comes out when someone passes you the ketchup, or  hands you a paper. Yet how often do we stop and take the time to truly thank those around us who contribute to our lives in huge or in tiny ways. Saying “thank you” does more than just demonstrate our good manners. It helps to boost our self esteem and makes us feel good. We are letting those we thank know that we value them and their actions, acknowledging their thoughts or deeds and acknowledging them as a person. When we see their reaction to being thanked that makes us feel good too. This works on us as individuals too. We can take a few moments to thank ourselves , thank our legs for carrying us, our eyes for helping us see, our hearts for beating regularly, our lungs for breathing.Take a moment to thank your unconscious mind for all the things it does for you, helping you learn new things, helping you to heal quickly and effectively, and so much more. So as you continue to dance through life remember to “have a lovely time and  to say Thank You”.

In this video, a sea turtle takes a moment to say “thank you” in it’s own unique way to its rescuers…see…even sea turtles know how to say ‘thank you”

How to say thank you

Not every story about sea life mistakenly caught in a net ends this beautifully, so it’s important to recognize when one does.

According to Dominican Republic social news site Lifestyle Cabarete, dive partners Cameron Dietrich and Colin Sutton were out spearfishing for tuna off the coast of Mexico earlier this year when Dietrich noticed something was not quite right. A sea turtle had been caught in a line.

Diver Saves Sea Turtle And Receives Adorable Thank You (VIDEO)

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