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The wisdom of gut feelings

By on August 4, 2014

Many argue that we have a second ‘brain’ in our gut after all we have over 100 million neurons in our stomach, and that’s bigger than a mouse brain. But recent research also suggests that the brain inside our head can be significantly impacted by the bacteria in our belly. Another example of the complexity of cause and effect within human behavior…

People may advise you to listen to your gut instincts: now research suggests that your gut may have more impact on your thoughts than you ever realized. We human beings may think of ourselves as a highly evolved species of conscious individuals, but we are all far less human than most of us appreciate. Indeed, Princeton University scientist Bonnie Bassler compared the approximately 30,000 human genes found in the average human to the more than 3 million bacterial genes inhabiting us, concluding that we are at most one percent human. The Neuroscience of the Gut

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