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Are you a science nerd or an artsy type?

By on August 7, 2014

In our experience as trainers, our hypnosis students are just as likely to have a background in the humanities or the sciences, especially computer science. Based purely on our observations, the humanities types are often looking for a way to ‘save the world’ in some small way, and the science types are often looking to understand themselves and others better.

Of course this is a gross generality! However a team of researchers at Tohoku University in Japan have shown that there are indeed structural differences between the brains of students studying the humanities versus the sciences. The team carried out brain scans on a large sample of students enrolled either in a humanities course or a science course.  They found that a specific area, the medial prefrontal cortex, of science students was overdeveloped compared to the artists, while an area in the right hippocampus was overdeveloped in the artists compared to the scientists.

What this means, according to the researchers, is that scientists have a natural tendency to prefer studying systems, while artists prefer studying people. Fortunately our NLP training allows us to study people-as-systems, so no “exclusive or” for us!

However, it is worthwhile asking your client what they studied in college. If they are a scientist, then you may wish to lean more heavily on metaphors explaining the brain as a system. While if they are more artistic or studied the humanities, you might want to focus on what their change will mean for them, and their family and friends.

The original research can be found here:

A more accessible description of the research can be found below, courtesy of the neuroskeptic.…there are significant group differences in brain structure between undergraduate students studying sciences vs. humanities subjects.
What does this mean?

Takeuchi et al say interpret these results in the light of Simon Baron-Cohen’s “Empathizing-Systematizing” theory.. Do Sciences and Humanities Students’ Brains Differ? – Neuroskeptic

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