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Feel Good for the Rest of Your Day

By on August 12, 2014

Your brain can be trained to make you feel good.  The brain learns quickly and sorts through life based on your patterns.  For example, someone who goes through their life expecting only bad things to come their way will in fact only experience negativity from the world.  This isn’t because the world is negative but because their brain has been trained to only pay attention to and remember the negative.

The same is true on the opposite side.  Someone who walks through life expecting only the best from others and the world will experience just that.  The bad events seems small, isolated in time, and inconsequential.  This is because of the NLP principle of Priming.  You can set your internal filters for positive and enjoy the results.

You may be wondering why it would be important to think positively.  Well for one thing, IT FEELS GOOD!.  The other reasons include: you will live longer, you will be healthier, and it makes it easier to achieve your goals.  So why not begin priming your brain for positivity.  And if you already side more on the positive you will enjoy this too.


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