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Video: Milton Erickson Suggests that You Be Yourself

By on August 13, 2014


Milton Erickson gives one of the most important pieces of advice every hypnotist should have- Be Yourself.  During Erickson’s life (and after) countless hypnotists have tried to capture his magic by taking on his tonality, language, and gravelly voice.  They thought the secret to Milton’s success was in these elements.

The truth is that the magic can only be found in the interactions between hypnotist and client.  The success of any coaching or hypnotic intervention is this unique relationship.  It is not found in imitation.

When learning hypnosis it is easy to get sucked into the trap of copying our teachers.  At some point however the unconscious mind must take the learnings and integrate them into who you are.  This is also the secret to successful deep trance identification, integration so something amazing, new, and uniquely can develop.

Dr. Erickson suggests to be you!  You are what clients want, not a carbon copy of someone else.  You have unique techniques and skills that clients are waiting for. As I heard Shawn Carson say once, “be you, everyone else is taken”.

Enjoy a trance to discover something new about you from Milton Erickson and watch the video.

In our soon to be launched membership area we will be breaking down in detail one of the techniques Erickson suggests in this video.

Dr. Milton H. Erickson Trains Students in Hypnosis (Rare Footage- 1979)


Rare footage shot by Jane Parsons-Fein in 1979, available for purchase by professionals only at Erickson revolutionized psychotherapy and hypnosis and redefines the unconscious. Erickson demonstrates that communication on unconscious levels between therapist and patient are at the heart of successful psychotherapy. Dr. Milton H. Erickson Trains Students in Hypnosis (Rare Footage- 1979)

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