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Body Language Tricks

By on August 17, 2014

We teach our students to read the body language of the individual, based on a ‘base-line’ reading of what is normal for them. Each individual is different in terms of how they use their body to communicate.

We have little patience with standard body language advice, such as, “If you cross your arms you’re being defensive”. It could be your normal pattern, or you could be cold, or you could be thinking about something else entirely…

But this article offers such common sense body-signalling tricks that we couldn’t resist linking to it. Some of the tricks are so simple that they are almost inane, such as shaking hands to make a connection, or putting your phone down to appear to be listening, duh!

But others are simple yet powerful tools of influence that are easy to do yet often overlooked. Such as nodding to test and increase agreement in the other person. So give them a try and see which work for you!

10 Simple Body Language Tricks That Will Do Wonders For Your Career

Body language is one of the most important and powerful types of communication in the history of the world. A wink conveys an air of mysticism and charm, a simple raised hand in front of your face tells everyone you’re not going to put up with what’s happening anymore, and a leg popped behind you with your head tilted back is the international symbol for glee and whimsy. 10 Simple Body Language Tricks That Will Do Wonders For Your Career

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