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Doing what you love

By on August 19, 2014

A significant proportion of our NLP and hypnosis students consider becoming coaches because they are looking for an occupation that is rewarding. This is very often in contrast to their current profession, working in cubeville for some large corporation, doing a job they hate.

It’s always great to see someone transform their life and career, pursuing what they love. We spend way too much time at work to do anything else.

This is a wonderful article about a female lawyer, escaping from her hated job at a large law firm to pursue her dreams…

It was on the eve of my 30th birthday that I finally quit. I was sick and tired of hating my work. And I didn’t want to live with the same gnawing sense of career anxiety in my 30s that plagued my 20s. I knew there was something better out there for me. But at the time, I couldn’t imagine what it was. How a Burned-Out Lawyer Quit Her Job and Discovered Her Dream Career

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