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The Homunculus

By on August 22, 2014

We often talk about the ‘homunculus’ when teaching, especially when incorporating neuroscience metaphors into either hypnosis or NLP.

The homunculus is a literal small person inside your brain that maps onto specific body parts in a one-to-one relationship, hands-to-hands, feet-to-feet and so on. Pictures can be seen of the homunculus that show the size of the brain area relative to the body part, and these pictures have giant hands, lips and tongues because of the vast neural real estate given over to these areas.

We were therefore very please t o see this great article on the homunculus in the Guardian newspaper. The focus of the article is that your homunculus needs exercise to stay in good shape even more than your actual body does. If not the homunculus begins to wither away, leaving all sore of potential medical conditions behind!

So tell your clients to go get some exercise, and you do likewise!


The term homunculus is Latin for “little man” and is used to describe a fully-formed miniature representation of a male human being. As a concept it has been used for centuries in preformationist, alchemic and fictional writing. Today, however, it is more often used in the field of neuroscience. Via

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