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Singing change

By on August 23, 2014

We always say that life has so many ways of offering experiencing, so many modalities. And of course, for us, so many ways to change.

But the modern western way of being teaches the importance of one sense above all others, that is speech and the written world. The world is reduced to symbolic representations, which we name ‘words’. In NLP we call this way of experiencing the world ‘auditory digital’, meaning sound (auditory) reduced to symbol (digital).

Of course, sometimes we have the opportunity to step back in time, back into our ‘sound sense’. We listen to music, pure melody, rhythm, harmony. No lyrics to engage our conscious attention.

But mostly we are trapped in the world of language, symbolic sound. It wasn’t always this way. There was a time when sound carried meaning and there were no words. We still use this pure sound sense, tone and tempo, rhythm and rhyme, in what is said, but it is heard mostly by our unconscious minds. Our conscious is too busy speaking, texting, emailing…

But in some parts of the world, the sound sense is primary. Which gives us hope that we can recapture this lost sense…

The Women Who Listen

There is a tribe in Africa that listen in a special way. When a woman wants a child, she goes to a deserted place with her closest friends. They meditate to hear the song of a child who wants to be born. During pregnancy, the woman will teach this song to midwives and to elders in her village. The child is bid welcome to the world by the villagers with this unique song. The Women Who Listen|Princess Mrtha Louise and Elisabeth Nordeng

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