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Hypnosis goes mainstream

By on August 25, 2014

It’s always great to see the mainstream press offer a positive report on hypnosis. After all, the media from Hollywood to the BBC loves stories of hypnosis being used for nefarious ends, think the Manchurian Candidate. Unfortunately, a number of hypnotists who arguably should know better sometimes encourage this media infatuation with the ‘dark side’ of hypnosis.

So here is a brilliant article from the Independent Newspaper, a well respected British newspaper, on the positive effects that hypnosis can have. Not only is this sort of information wonderful to have provided to the general public, but you the practitioner could provide a copy of articles such as this to pre-program your clients for success with any number of issues they might come to se you for.’s been used to allow surgery and dental work without anaesthesia, and for pain-free childbirth without medication. New research from America has also found that more than half the people who used hypnotherapy to give up smoking were able to kick the habit, while researchers in France have successfully used the therapy to lower blood pressure. Hypnosis has been used for centuries to treat diverse ills, but it went into relative decline with the rise of modern medicine, and in the last 200 years it’s been more associated with stage magicians and movie villains than medicine.

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