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Why neuroscience is a must!

By on August 27, 2014

We believe that neuroscience provides the best set of metaphors generally applicable to hypnosis, coaching, therapy and other change work. After all Shawn Carson and Melissa Tiers wrote a book on the subject, Keeping the Brain in Mind.

But why exactly is this? After all, Milton Erickson didn’t go around talking about neuroscience all the time! Well there several very good reasons:

The first reason is that neuroscience has come a long way since Milton Erickson was practicing hypnosis. fMRI’s and other brain scanning technology is truly beginning to open up our knowledge of the inner workings of the brain. This can provide amazing insights for us in our work.

The second reason is that neuroscience ends with the word ‘science’. Using scientific arguments creates a level of belief in our clients, in the work that we will do with them. We all know as hypnotists that our clients’ beliefs are everything. If they believe the work they do will result in the change they want, they it probably will. If they believe it won’t help them then then you and they will be facing an uphill battle. One of our most important jobs is to convince them that change is not only possible, but that it is easy, even guaranteed.

Third and finally, neuroscience is a hot topic. Everyone is talking about their brain. Hundreds of popular books about the brain are being published. As long as you know what you need to know about neuroscience, then using neuroscience metaphors positions you as the expert in the brain in the minds of your hypnosis clients.

And we know neuroscience is hot when the main stream media is not only talking about neuroscience but talking about how everyone is talking about neuroscience. Which they are, as this article from Vaughan Bell of the Guardian newspaper demonstrates…

I never used to discuss neuroscience on the bus but it’s happened twice in the last month. A grey day in London, rain on the windows, talking neuroscience with strangers. Scientific concepts have always washed in and out of popular consciousness but like never before, the brain has become part of contemporary culture. Our brains, and how they’re not as simple as we think | Science

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