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No failure only feedback

By on August 29, 2014

In Neuro Linguistic Programming we have a presupposition, a life lesson. We say ‘there is no failure only feedback’.

We tell the story of Thomas Edison ‘failing’ a thousand times while inventing the lightbulb, discovering 1,000 ways how not to, before finding the way to do. Failure leading to success.

We talk about a baby learning to walk. Stand, fall. Stand, fall. Stand. Stand, step, fall. Stand, step, step, fall. Stand, step, step, step, fall.

I fall, then get up again. Stronger, wiser. Every failure is a lesson. Whatever doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger. A survivor, born of millions of generations of survivors. Each generation bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, because of failure.

Here is a nice article lauding the great athletes of the Winter Olympics. Gold medals forged in the fires of failure…’s change our mindset to seeing so called “missteps” as stepping stones. See those “failures” as knots in a rope helping you to climb to the top of your game. Get into the “habit” of seeing failure as a learning tool. We are here in this School of Life and we can learn a great deal from our lesson of “failure”. Lessons for Spiritual Development Learned From the Olympics|Patty Kogutek

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