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By on September 4, 2014

A recent study using fMRI shows that it is possible to use the principle of neuroplasticity, actually rewire of the brain, to reverse addiction to unhealthy foods, and increase the pleasure associated with healthy food.

One of the challenges with hypnosis for weight loss is that food is everywhere. It’s all around us, and it pervades our social lives. We meet friends for coffee (perhaps a slice of cake with the latte?), we meet business partners for lunch. We go round to our neighbors house for barbecue, and go out with our spouse for dinner. Popcorn at the theater, ice-cream at the beach, drinks before the show. We cannot treat a ‘food addict’ in the same way as a smoker.

But what we can do as hypnotists is to retrain our weight loss client to not just eat healthier foods, but also to prefer healthier foods. And this research from Tufts shows this is possible on a neurological level. The study simply used time sticking to a healthy diet as the method for rewiring the brain. As hypnotists we have many more tools to help our clients to ‘change their minds’ about food by rewiring their brains.

For information on neuroplasticity and rewiring your clients’ brains see Keeping the Brain in Mind, available at Amazon.

Here is the press release describing the Tufts’ study.

Training your brain to prefer healthy foods — ScienceDaily

Published online today in the journal Nutrition & Diabetes, a brain scan study in adult men and women suggests that it is possible to reverse the addictive power of unhealthy food while also increasing preference for healthy foods. your brain to prefer healthy foods — ScienceDaily

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