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Quiz: how boring are you?

By on September 4, 2014

Ha! Got your attention!

There is a serious point to this post beyond taking yet another ‘boring’ quiz, and that is this. There is one secret to life above all secrets., a secret that lets you or your hypnosis clients live longer, stay mentally sharp beyond your years, and makes life a lot more fun. It’s this:

Sort for difference. Tell your clients to “look for things that are different to things you have already experienced. Stop on your street corner and look around you, what can you notice that you have never noticed before? Read new books, see new movies. Read newspapers or news websites that are outside your normal social or political views. Take up a new hobby, or learn a new language.

If you do this your mind will absorb the new information like a sponge. It will integrate it with what it already knows. And all this will generate new neurons and new neural connections. Your brain will become younger, and so will you.”

So, back to the quiz. As you will see when you have taken the quiz, the way to score high (to be ‘boring’) is in every question is to do what you’ve always done.

So think new, sort for difference! In the meantime here’s the quiz from the UK’s Guardian newspaper:

Quiz: how boring are you? | Life and style

Score 26 and above: you are so boring, it’s actually quite fascinating, if a little unsettling. Quiz: how boring are you? | Life and style

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