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Be creative using this trick

By on September 7, 2014

Various research has shown two main approaches to creativity, which interestingly correspond to our ideas of conscious versus unconscious minds.

The first approach to creativity is what we would think of as being the conscious mind’s approach. This is the rational approach where we consider the problem, consider everything we know about it, and start to make connections that will lead to the next step, the next idea, in other words creativity.

The second approach is the intuitive approach. This takes the problem and starts to generate solutions that are almost ‘random’, at least you would find it difficult to consciously explain how you got there.

Each of these approaches can be useful, and at various times writers have argued that one approach is superior to the other. Some writers even have the gall to suggest that each approach has its place in the art of creativity.

The research linked below, by Greg Oldham of Tulane and colleagues, shows that one answer to maximizing creativity is to choose the thinking style that you don’t normally use. So if you are normally intuitive, you should use rational thinking to become more creative. And if you are normally rational, you should use intuition.

Of course, what this study shows is that you will be more creative if you use a thinking style different to the one you usually use (at least if you are as average as the participants in the study).

What I believe this study actually shows is that it’s good to ‘sort by difference’ as we say in HNLP. The more you can pay attention to whatever you haven’t noticed before, the more your brain is stimulated. And the more your brain is stimulated, the more neural connections your brain generates. And the more neural connections your brain makes the more creative you are.

Of course there are ways to play to your strengths, while stimulating the not-knowing long enough to find creativity. One way to do this is to throw in a wild card. Read the tarot cards, throw the dice, bring in a random element then analyze the resulting relationships between question and wild card rationally.

The opposite approach (or one opposite approach) then becomes to break something down rationally into parts or steps, then intuitively leap from each part to something new.

Whatever approach you choose to creativity just remember, DO SOMETHING NEW!! Or do what you’ve always done, BUT IN A WHOLE NEW WAY. compared the effects of rational versus intuitive problem solving on creativity…individuals will be more creative when they adopt a problem-solving approach that differs from their typical style of thinking. Via

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