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What is courage?

By on September 8, 2014

We often talk with our hypnosis clients about the courage to change, or the courage to heal, or the courage to forgive. But what exactly is courage?

As with any question such as “What is courage? What is love? What is hope?” there is no easy answer. Words such as these are powerful anchors for states, but defining exactly what they are is more difficult.

But we know courage when we see it. When we see a hypnosis client overcoming lifelong challenges we recognize the courage that that takes.

Here is an example of true courage, not from hypnosis but from the animal kingdom. A small mongoose stares down four lions, any one of which outweighs it by 100 to one.

Despite being under two feet tall, the aggressive mongoose growled at the felines and even bit one on the nose. Via

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