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Are you co-dependent or hedonistic?

By on September 10, 2014
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Through helping clients over many years you begin to see patterns of behavior, how people organize their reality.

One ‘type’ is the co-dependent. Often (but by no means always) female, working in a profession that allows them to help or serve others, or simply being home to take care of their families. They live for others, live to help, live to serve. Many of our readers may in fact recognize themselves in this sketch. After all, being a hypnotist is a profession that frequently allows the hypnotist to help others for minimal financial reward!

And one of the issues that recurs with this type of client is that they are so busy helping others, they sometimes fail to take care of themselves. A simple reframe, inviting them to look at themselves as ‘someone in need’ can lead them in the right direction, toward self-care and self-love.

But what happens if they don’t know how to feel good, to revel in the simple pleasure of a hot tub perhaps, luxuriating in the soft embrace of warm water and bubble bath…?

Simple, just watch this video…


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