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TAPPS Dancing

By on September 10, 2014

TAPPS or ‘Thinking Aloud Pair Problem Solving’ is a method of externalizing self-talk through a partner. the role of the partner is to externalize the thought processes of the problem solver. The idea is that the problem solver speaks as they think, and the partner notes any discrepancies, omissions or other defects in their thinking patterns (but not int he content of the thoughts themselves).

This is like experiencing a supervision if you are a therapist. At least at first the supervisor will point out errors in your thinking anther than suggesting solutions. What this does is to trim you to notice your own thinking patterns, and therefore to lead you to think at a higher level.

The success of the methodology seems undoubted. And there are many ways to use this method if you cannot find a supervisor to observe you in practice. One example is to maintain a log of sessions, either real sessions with real clients, or a journal of virtual sessions you might have had with virtual clients.

Either way, analyze them as an independent external voice to begin to spot your own patterns and take your thinking to a new level.

Here’s the cite to one of the research studies:

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