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Are your clients confident in you?

By on September 14, 2014

When working with hypnosis clients it is VITAL that they have confidence in you as the hypnotist.

There are lots of ways to give them this confidence, such as testimonials. They will especially have confidence in you if they are a referral from another client you have successfully helped.

However there is another simple trick to boost the confidence your clients have in you, a trick that is supported by recent research by Shakti Lamba and Vivek Nityananda, who compared student test scores to self assessment from the students (to identify those who were overconfident in their own abilities). The researchers then compared each students actual abilities 9as measured by their test scores) to the views of their peers. The students who were overconfident in their own abilities were also judged as more competent by their peers. Overconfidence in your own abilities is contagious!

So to gain the confidence of your clients (and be a more effective hypnotist) you have to be superbly confident in your own abilities.

How do you do this? Well there are several techniques that you probably know such as the NLP Circle of Excellence or New Behavior Generator. If you are using these fantastic tools with your clients, you might as well benefit from them yourself!

Another more generative tool is Deep Trance Identification. Many of my favorite hypnotists have benefited from a DTI with Milton Erickson. If you have the skills of Milton Erickson you can be rightly confident in your own abilities!

Here’s the research:


Self-deception is widespread in humans … A controversial theory proposes that self-deception evolved to facilitate the deception of others. We test this hypothesis in the real world and find support for it: Overconfident individuals are overrated by observers and underconfident individuals are judged by observers to be worse than they actually are. Via

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