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How to stay calm on a cellular level

By on September 22, 2014
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We have a great friend from New Zealand, Patricia Greenhough. Patricia is a wonderful hypnotist and change worker, and you can find out more about her here. Patricia doesn’t just want to help her clients change, she wants them to change “on a cellular level” as she is very fond of saying.

I had always thought this was simply a figure of speech that Patricia used, but now I find I was wrong, it is possible to not only create resilience on a cellular level, it is possible to do so on a molecular level.

This research was carried out at Princeton University and involved two groups of lab rats, one group who exercised and one group who didn’t. Exercise is of course good for the brain (as we have said many times before!), and actually triggers the growth of new brain cells.

Anyway, the two groups of rats were tested for stress responses on a cellular level (we will omit the more graphic details of how this was done for the benefit of our more sensitive readers). The new brain cells that were created as a result of exercise did not have stress gene expression.  What this means is that although the new brain cells were identical to the rat’s other cells in terms of DNA, the ‘expression’ of that DNA as it related to stress was turned down, or turned off in the new, exercise related brain cells. Change had taken place on a cellular and indeed molecular level.

Application to hypnosis and coaching

We continue to be amazed by the flexibility of living creatures, no matter how much research we read. Cells created in the context of physical stress (i.e. exercise) are stress proofed on a cellular level. Wow! You should never, never, never underestimate the ability of your hypnosis clients to change.

They may change their behaviors, their feelings, their beliefs and values and even their identity. But they can also change on a cellular and even on a molecular level, given the right environment.

So continue to use your hypnosis skills to make changes in your hypnosis clients “on a cellular level” as Patricia would say…!!

Here’s a link to an article in the New York Times discussing the research…

The rats had created, through running, a brain that seemed biochemically, molecularly, calm. Via

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