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How can they?

By on September 23, 2014
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As workers in a caring profession, the actions of ISIS in the Middle East are utterly horrifying and totally inconceivable. How can anyone do what they are doing? What kind of rage and hatred do they carry to engage in these acts?

If you want to at least try to understand the psychology of these butchers, you might want to read this article from neuropsychologist Ian Robertson…

As Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria butcher thousands of infidels and carry off their women and children into slavery, many in the West are inclined to see this as an unique outcrop of Islamic fundamentalism. Savagery Begets Savagery What, then are the origins of savagery, if they cannot be ascribed to a single religion or ideology? The first part of an answer may be horribly simple: savagery begets savagery. Read more…

Photo courtesy of anankkmi and

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