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Are you left brained, or right brained?

By on September 24, 2014

There are strong functional differences between right brain and left brain. We often use the metaphor with our hypnosis clients that the left brain represents the conscious mind, because it deal with on language and the spoken word, while the right brain represents the unconscious because it hears tonality in speech.

We say the left brain represents the conscious mind because it focuses on the fovea of the visual sense, where details of what we consciously pay attention to are mapped, while the right brain represents the unconscious because it pays attention to the peripheral of the visual sense, where everything not in conscious attention is mapped.

Does this  mean that someone who is left-brained is ‘conscious’ and someone who is right-brained is unconscious? Fortunately not. Research indicates that everyone is both right and left brained depending on what they are doing at any particular time.

personal development involves developing both left and right brain capabilities so that you can become a whole-brainer. Here’s a recent piece of research on the matter from

Jeff Anderson of the University of Utah:

A new two-year study found no evidence that participants had a stronger left or right-sided brain network. Photograph: Bbs United/Getty Images From self-help and business success books to job applications and smartphone apps, the theory that the different halves of the human brain govern different skills and personality traits is a popular one. Via

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