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What lies beneath

By on September 25, 2014

Below you will find a fascinating article describing how a slightly too short hosepipe lead to an amazing discover of what lies beneath… Stonehenge the neolithic site in England.

What is apparent on the surface… of a site like Stonehenge, is never the full story. There is always more that lies below the surface that cannot be seen by casual observation. It takes a certain perspective to uncover these secrets, and sometimes the key to unlock them can be something seemingly insignificant like a hosepipe that is a little too short to reach a patch of grass in need of watering.

When what was hidden is finally revealed, puzzles and contradictions that appeared insoluble suddenly become clear. The pieces suddenly fit, and when this happens progress can be made that was previously blocked.

We shouldn’t be afraid of throwing in a wild card, some random piece to shake things up. Like that too short hosepipe it may be the key to revealing what was hidden and what we need to know.

An orthophoto of Stonehenge taken from the air shows the brown patches of grass where stones may once have completed the circle. Photograph: English Heritage/Damian Grady One of the many mysteries of Stonehenge may have been solved, not because of a scientific breakthrough or painstaking research, but after a maintenance team’s hosepipe turned out to be a little short. Archaeologists have long argued over whether the ancient monument was once a perfect circle or if it was always, as it is now, an incomplete ring. Via

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