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Hypnosis and Politics

By on September 27, 2014
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Let’s face it, politicians can sometimes be economical with the truth. So much so that you and I could be forgiven in believing that a politician will say anything to get elected.

But recent research (see the reference below for the complete research paper) suggests that a politician can stick to his or her own principles and still get elected. The research, carried out by the Department of Political Science at Berkeley in conjunction with local politicians, had the politicians send flyers to subjects setting out policy positions that the subjects disagreed with. Later, and independently, the researchers would call the subjects as part of a ‘polling survey’ and ask them their views on the politician.

Now this is a good news bad news story. The good news is that the voters not only held appositive opinion of the politician, but they actually were more supportive of the position the politician had espoused than before. It seems that a politician can not only hold fast to his or her principles, but can influence the voters by doing so.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the flyers were of two types. The first type set out reasoned arguments supporting the position taken. The second type laid out entirely spurious and irrelevant arguments for the position. Both types of arguments swayed voters opinions by the same degree. A sad indictment of our ability to discern truth in politics.

Application: Politics and Hypnosis

Let’s be honest, we hypnotists are politicians too! Think about it, hypnosis and politics. It is our job as hypnotists to persuade our hypnosis clients to accept a position they have long been against, perhaps to become a non-smoker, or stop biting their nails.

It’s good to know that all we have to do is to offer them a reason that they should and can change. That reason does not need to be compelling to be persuasive!

How Do Citizens React When Politicians Support Policies They Oppose? David Broockman and Daniel Butler.

Picture courtesy of xedos4 and

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