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Hypnosis for social anxiety disorder

By on September 27, 2014
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A recent study from John Hopkins demonstrated that ‘self-help’ techniques (CBT in this instance), were more effective at dealing with social anxiety disorder than drugs. And without the side effects. No surprise there for those of us who help our clients use their own minds to fix their own minds. And of course, knowing that CBT can help social anxiety disorder leads us to wonder if hypnosis is also effective for social anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety disorder is a psychological diagnosis given to those with extreme symptoms of social anxiety (i.e. beyond normal shyness). Bu of course any hypnosis client who comes to see you with shyness faces similar if less extreme issues. (If your client has a diagnosis of social anxiety disorder you will need a medical referral of course, depending on the rules in the jurisdiction in which you work).

This is a useful piece of research you can show clients to show them the effectiveness of these types of techniques. Science is the magic of our time, and if science says it is so, then it is so. When you tell your hypnosis for social anxiety disorder clients about research it builds response potential and will increase your effectiveness for change.

Main image courtesy of imagery majestic and behavioral therapy (CBT) treats social anxiety disorder more effectively than antidepressants, according to a John Hopkins University study. It helps people encounter irrational fears and overcome their avoidance of social situations. Read more…


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