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Baby Trances

By on September 28, 2014

Is there such a thing as a baby trance? Are babies naturally in trance? If they are, what can that teach us about hypnosis and being good hypnotists?

In this jaw dropping TED talk by Alison Gopnik, a child psychology researcher from Berkeley, she opens the lid on how a baby or small child experiences the world. When she formulates her ‘lantern’ hypothesis of child-thought a light went on in my brain. She was describing how we experience when we are in trance.

If this is true, then trance is literally a regression to childhood, to a time when our brain operated in a very different way, without the interference of the critical factor.

It also put me in mind of Richard Bandler‘s early work, filled with questions such as, “What happens if….”. What happens if you move that picture further away, what happens if you put  aflame around it, what happens if…”

By recovering the curiosity of childhood, we literally enter a learning trance. Watch the video it’s awesome!

Her research explores the sophisticated intelligence-gathering and decision-making that babies are really doing when they play. Via


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