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Who? Dr Who!

By on September 28, 2014

Today from CafeHypno:

I remember well hiding behind the sofa in my house watching early episodes of Dr Who. The combination of terrifying bad guys such as the Daleks and the Cybermen pitted against the wits of the Doctor was irresistible. Of course, at the end of the series the Doctor always won out.

So what was the Doctor’s secret? Of course he was a Timelord with access to a TARDIS that could transport him anywhere through time and space. But what made him as an individual so special?

The answer is simple: nobody knows. Of course the doesn’t stop us from speculating like Dean Burnett of the UK’s Guardian newspaper who takes a stab at analyzing the neuroscience of Doctor Who.

That’s all from CafeHypno for today. here is the article:

Time Lords are capable of neurological feats and performances that mere humans have no hope of emulating. They clearly have superior brains, but what of the actual science that would underpin these impressive thinking engines? Doctor Who neuroscience special: the brain of a Time Lord | Dean Burnett | Science

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