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Deep Trance Identification: How to become a Warrior King

By on September 30, 2014
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Almost exactly two years ago the remains of the English warrior king Richard III were found buried underneath a parking lot in a sleepy English town. Richard had been killed in battle fighting to defend his crown at the Battle of Bosworth in the English Wars of the Roses, against the victorious Henry VII. The deeds of the battle are memorialized in Shakespeare’s play, Richard III.

The most amazing thing about Richard, the last English king to die in battle was that he suffered from scoliosis, curvature of the spine, leading him to be described as a hunchback (although not to his face!).

Following the discovery of his bones, scientists set to work to analyze them and the results are shown in a PBS documentary Resurrecting Richard III. For us as hypnotists the most fascinating part of the program is that a young man, close to Rchard’s age when he died and suffering from an almost identical deformity, came forward to help with the filming. This man, Dominic Smee,  is a Wars of the Roses historical re-enactor who spends his weekends on the Bosworth battle field.

This young man, Dominic Smee, is studied by the scientists, trained to fight using medieval weapons, taught to ride a horse and has a suit of custom armor made for him. He is literally turned into the warrior king. His transformation from someone who has lived his life with a deformity, into the warrior king is truly touching to watch. Realizing that he has the ability to fight in battle, that he could have been the warrior king Richard, transforms and uplifts Dominic in a way you have to see to believe.

Application to Hypnosis

In hypnosis there is a technique called Deep Trance Identification (DTI) which allows the subject to literally become someone else, perhaps a historical figure like Richard III. In this case no overt trance was needed because Dominic literally took on Richard’s persona for an extended period of time.

Deep Trance Identification can be used in a generative way to take on the skills and abilities of the model, and also in a therapeutic way to offer the subject ways of overcoming their limitations, as with Dominic Smee. We thoroughly recommend you watch the program!

a fascinating documentary recently aired on PBS, a team of scientists

The team studying Richard the Third now has someone who can serve as his body double. The team studying Richard III will train and test Dominic to find out exactly what Richard was capable of. Resurrecting Richard III

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