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Future Self Deep Trance Identification

By on October 1, 2014
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Speaking to you as a hypnotist, you will be familiar with the concept of future pacing. Future pacing refers to a method of mental rehearsal where your client imagine stepping into a future time and place where they will have the opportunity to use the new feelings and behaviors you have installed in hypnosis.

There is an even more powerful form of future pacing originally developed by Milton Erickson, and further refined by our friend and mentor John Overdurf with his End State Energy’ technique.

This advanced form of future pacing involves inviting your client to step into their ‘future self’ who has not only already made the change that your client wants to make, but as have the opportunity to apply this change many times so that it has become a natural part of who they are. From this ‘future-self’ position they can look back on exactly how they made this change, and the effects this change has had on their life.

When this process is done in a deep trance it becomes a form of Deep Trance Identification (DTI) with their future self. We call this technique Future Self DTI (you can reinvest in detail in our new book Deep Trance Identification).

Future Self Deep Trance Identification is a powerful way to accelerate the learning process and install change in your hypnosis client. In summary the steps are:

  1. Invite your client to imagine their future self who has already made this change and have the chance to extensively use it in their life.
  2. Invite your client to float out of themselves so they can see their present self and future self, and compare any differences.
  3. Invite your client to float into that future self.
  4. Invite your client to look back on exactly how they’ve made all these changes in their life.
  5. As their future self, invite them to step back into the presence of bringing all those changes with them.

Picture courtesy of Chan Pipat and

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