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Alexander Raikov: Father of Deep Trance Identification

By on October 4, 2014
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Alexander Raikov is the father of deep trance identification (DTI) as a hypnotic learning tool. Raikov was a Russian hypnotist who was fascinated with the idea of using hypnosis to accelerate and deeper learning. He was able to use DTI with students in Russia, including students from the Moscow Conservatory of Music, and scientifically measure their progress as a result of using deep trance identification.

Raikov used double-blind studies; he would split participating students into two groups, one group would undertake deep trance identification, and the other group would undertake a relaxing trance process but which had no DTI.

The students would perform for examiners both before and after the DTI process, and the examiners would determine their progress. Because the examiners did not know which students had experienced a deep trance identification, and which had not experienced DTI, the results were controlled. Raikov found that the students who had undergone the deep trance identification were judged as having progressed significantly more both in terms of technical ability, as well as musical interpretation. The benefits of DTI were scientifically proved.

Raikov used a unique combination of regression, perceptual positions, and physical activation of the skills. Raikov’s protocol is discussed at more length in the book Deep Trance Identification by Shawn Carson, Jess Marion and John Overdurf.

Picture courtesy of Amfroey and

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