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Gimme (Part 1)

By on October 4, 2014

We come across many articles with a ‘wow’ factor. But rarely do we come across an article in the popular press that contains so much great information about NLP. But here’s one.

It’s a review of a fascinating new book by Walter Mischel called The Marshmallow Test. The Marshmallow Test refers to a test used in child psychology where a small child is presented with a treat (in tis case a marshmallow). They are told if they wait till the researcher returns they will get two marshmallows. The researcher leaves the room and returns after a fixed period of time.

Some children have waited in the expectation in the expectation of getting two treats when the researcher returns, while other children have been unable to wait and having the marshmallow before the researcher returns. The interesting part of the research is when the children are trapped through time to see how successful they are in school and in their lives. It turns out that the children who are prepared to defer pleasure to get a greater reward  later on (i.e. those who do not eat the marshmallow before the researcher returns) are generally more successful in school and in their lives. Self-control means a lot.

Mischel’s book, The Marshmallow Test takes this predictor of success, self-control or deferral of pleasure in expectation of a greater reward later on, and uses it to split the human race into successful and less successful. While this is obviously a huge generalization,  it is an interesting one and does have some merit.

Application to coaching and hypnosis

Fortunately, self-control is something that we can cultivate. By cultivating self-control we can increase our chances for success in life.  In fact if you think of which of your clients almost successful in creating change in their lives, it is usually those who are prepared to take the time and effort to apply what they learn in the hypnotist’s office to their daily life.

As a hypnotist you have many tools to offer your client to increase their self-control. Here are just a few:

  • EFT to reduce and eliminate cravings
  • Using the left hand (i.e. the non dominant hand) to perform common tasks. This is shown to increase self-control.
  • Simply tensing the muscles of the body when faced with a temptation can increase determination.

Here is a link to the article by Will Storr of the UK’s Guardian newspaper.

The first kind is…successful …thinner…calmer. The other kind of human is the other kind of human. …he believes he has a method, in the form of a few simple thought exercises, to help the other kind of human transform their lives. Gimme gimme gimme: how to increase your willpower | Life and style

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