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My best Barry White Impression

By on October 6, 2014

Admit it, as a hypnotist, at one time or another, you did a Milton Erickson impression, perhaps as part of a Deep Trance Identification. Your voice became deeper and more gravely as you tried to capture the vocal essence of the master.

According to recent research, it turns out that the tone of your voice has a very profound effect not only on your listeners, but also on how you feel about yourself. Using a deeper, more ‘powerful’ voice actually makes you feel more powerful. And we all know that when you feel more powerful, you are viewed as more powerful by those around you.

Application to hypnosis and coaching

Obviously you should continue to shift the tonality of your voice when doing your hypnosis and trance work. Using two different tonalities for conscious and unconscious communication certainly helps to create conscious-unconscious dissociation.

But you might want to go beyond your normal Milton Erickson impression, and start a channel Barry White. Not only will this allow your hypnosis client’s unconscious mind to come out to play, but they will also unconsciously perceive you as being more powerful. When they perceive you as being more powerful, they are more likely to accept your hypnotic suggestions and commands.

Be playful in your work,  or has the great Barry White would say, “I’ll come to you with gifts of knowledge, wisdom, and truth.”

Perhaps it’s little wonder then that we tend to rate human speakers with deeper voices as seeming more powerful. Another finding is that if you put a person in a position of power they will tend to lower their voice. These previous results promptedMarille Stel and her fellow researchers to find out if speaking with a deeper pitch than usual would lead people to feel more powerful. Want to feel more powerful? Do a Barry White impression

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