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I’ve been framed!

By on October 7, 2014
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We wrote before about the great new book by Walter Mischel, The Marshmallow Test. The premise of the book is that those people who have the self control to defer current pleasure for future gain, rule the world.

Here’s another extract from the article by Will Storr of the UK’s Guardian newspaper, in which he interviews Dr Mischel. It describes the old NLP technique of putting a ‘picture frame’ around an internal picture to reduce it’s impact. This is a classic NLP submodality technique. It’s good to see science catching up with NLP!

Application to Hypnosis and Coaching

After asking your hypnosis client to, “Put a picture frame around the picture…” in order to dissociate them, you can then ask them to begin to manipulate the picture frame itself. Ask them to change the color of the picture frame, or the style of the picture frame (old carved wood frame? modern metal frame?). These techniques start to give your hypnosis client control over the things that have previously scared them, or made them feel powerless.

Give it a try with your next hypnosis client! Here is Will Storr’s article again:

It would be great if I could defang some of the monsters that disrupt my daily life, with a few simple exercises. …Many of his techniques involve manipulating what he terms the “hot” and the “cold” modes of thinking (referring to our powerful emotional and instinctive drives as “hot” and our weaker calculating, rational parts as “cold”). Another method involved turning your desire into something abstract or not quite real. You might place an imaginary picture frame around a pizza, for example, and pretend it’s a painting.

Picture courtesy of antpkr and

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