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Dealing with trauma

By on October 17, 2014
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Those of us fortunate enough to be trained in NLP and especially in HNLP, take certain things for granted. Like the HNLP meta pattern. The meta pattern includes the useful step of dissociating your client from their issue!

Here is an article from British therapist Philippa Perry, who makes the point that talk therapy without dissociation is counter productive. The issue we have with her article is that she seems to believe making eye contact with the client is the best way of dissociating them, and while maintaining eye contact might make it more difficult for a client to access negative images for example (by preventing visual eye accessing), it is by no means fool-proof for clients who visually access by looking straight ahead.

We enjoyed this article because it shows how many tools a skilled hypnotist with training in NLP really has.

A much better tool for making sure your hypnosis client is dissociated from their issue is the HNLP V-K dissociation pattern. This is a variation of the familiar ‘movie screen’ technique. The main difference is that the traumatic scene is placed down on the floor, a distance away, and referred to using dissociative language (that, there, then) to maintain the dissociation.

Mischel has a good technique for this. He says the effect of the trauma is diminished if subjects take a fly-on-the-wall view and write an account of the bad experience, referring to themselves in the third person. This distances them from the painful event, enabling them to be more thoughtful about what happened without being self-destructive. Via

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