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By on October 20, 2014
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In NLP we say the mind and body form one system. For example, how we think affects how we stand, and how we stand affects how we think.

In this new research from Germany researchers showed that what is true for standing is ask true for walking. That’s right, walk with sad feet and you’ll feel sadder, walk with ‘happy feet’ and you’ll feel happier.

Researchers asked subjects to walk on treadmills. Their walking style was fed back to them visually. This gave researchers the ability to alter the subjects’ walking style from sad to happy by asking the subjects to copy a ‘depressed’ or ‘happy’ style. At the same time, the subjects were asked to memorize a list of words, containing positive and negative emotion words.

What the researchers found was that when the subject was walking with a happy step, they remembered more of the happy words, and when they walked in a sad way, they remembered more of the sad words.

Application to Hypnosis

As hypnotists, we pay exquisite attention to our client. I’d like to think I pay attention to my hypnosis clients from the moment I see them, but this research makes me rethink that a little. For example, if someone comes to see me for help with depression do I pay enough attention to how they walk into my office, to their gait? What would happen if I did? What would happened if I asked them to take the same walk with happy feet? How would that change the way they felt?

A simple thing, definitely worth experimenting with!

Here is the research for those interested…

Several studies have shown that physical exercise such as walking has effects on depression. These studies have focused on increasing intensity and amount of physical activity. In the present study, we investigated whether not only the intensity but also the style of physical activity affects depression related processes. Read more…

Picture courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography and

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