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How to HEAL yourself

By on October 23, 2014
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If you’ve had the pleasure of studying with John Overdurf you’ll be familiar with the ’90 second rule’. If you haven’t studied with John, the 90 second rule simply say that length of time a particular state class is 90 seconds, about a minute and a half. This means that if your client goes into a negative state, say they are afraid of giving a presentation in public, all they have to do is to wait for 90 seconds and the state will leave them.

Of course, the 90 second rule assumes that they do not do anything to keep the state alive. If they make negative pictures inside that head, or tell themselves how afraid they are, they refi the negative state and have to wait for another 90 seconds before it is gone. One of the tricks of change work is to find ways to distract the client while the 90 seconds runs its course, and then asked them how they feel! of course they will feel better and this becomes the basis of that change.

Here is another, similar rule from Rick Hansen  the neuropsychologist and author, called the 12 second rule. The 12 second rule simply says that in order to generate a positive state that has a chance of being hardwired in the brain it has remained in place for at least 12 seconds. Using the 12 second rule we can make ourselves feel positive, perhaps even fantastic, several times a day and overcome our own negativity bias.

Dr Hansen provides a useful tool to achieve this called the HEAL process or technique, as follows:

  • H:  Have a positive experience. Pay attention to something amazing which is happening in your life right now, even if it’s just the smell of a flower.
  • E:  Enrich the experience. Build it up until it is powerful.
  • A:  Absorb the experience.  Allow the positive feeling to circulate inside you for at least 12 seconds to give it time to be transferred into the hippocampus and coded into long-term memory.
  • L:  Link be positive experience with a prior negative experience. This is simply the ‘collapse’  of the Meta Pattern.

Below you’ll find a link to Dr Hansen  explaining his technique in more detail:

Hardwiring Happiness : The Hidden Power of Everyday Experiences on the Modern Brain. How to overcome the Brain Negativity Bias. Rick Hanson neuropsychologist See more…

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