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Cigarettes mess with your genes

By on October 31, 2014
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As if there weren’t enough reasons to QUIT now, here’s one more to offer to your hypnosis clients.

Cigarettes mess with your genes. We are not talking about the nasty smell you get on your pants, we are talking about the genetic material that makes you, you.

Now everyone has good genes and bad genes. Everyone has genes that make them noble and kind and heroic and healthy. And we have genes that make us miserable and vicious and unhealthy. And it turns out that cigarettes ‘turn on’ your bad genes and ‘turn off’ your good genes (turning on and off genes is called ‘gene expression’).

According to researchers in Australia, Smoking cigarettes turns on bad genes. If you (or your clients) don’t believe the Australians it was confirmed by researchers in San Antonio. Now call me old fashioned, perhaps I wouldn’t mind something making me sick, wait I take that back, I do mind stuff that makes me sick. Anyway to mess with my genes, with who I am, that is out of bounds.

Application to hypnosis

Different hypnosis clients have different triggers, different things that make them want to quit. Some of these reasons are around the benefits of being smoke free, and some are about the downsides of smoking. For me, the thought of something taking away my individuality, what makes me who I am, is almost unbearable, and the ‘metaphor’ of cigarettes and gene expression is totally unacceptable.

Help someone to quit and save a life!

Now, a new study shows lighting up a cigarette changes a persons gene activity across the body. The findings may be a clue to why smoking affects overall health from heart disease to combating infections. A gene is expressed when it codes for a protein that then instructs, or kick-starts, a process in the body. Cigarette Smoke Jolts Hundreds of Genes, Researchers Say

Image courtesy of Mister GC and

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